How to Write a Resume After Being a Stay-At-Home Mom

Stay-at-home mom resume

How to write a great stay-at-home mom resume and return to the workforce? It can be difficult to enter the workforce after being a stay-at-home mom (or even a stay-at-home dad). The hardest part is updating resumes. It can feel like there’s not much for you to offer. The following six tips will help you to create the ultimate resume, showcasing unique skills developed from staying in the home. Take your new resume and use it to get that job you’ve been dreaming about.

Be Honest and Upfront About Employment Gaps
A career counselor might suggest using skills resumes over chronological resumes when returning to work following a long gap of unemployment. Trust us when we say that’s a bad idea. Attempting to hide unemployment gaps make you seem deceptive. Be honest and upfront about your desire to work again following spending time outside of the workforce to stay with the kids at home. There are plenty of reasons people leave the workforce, and good employers won’t hold this against you.

List any Volunteer Roles or Part-Time Work
Were you the head of the PTA? Maybe you ran a successful business from home or write a popular blog? If so, then you should put that on the resume as if it was full-time work. It fills in the visual gaps of the resume and allows you to showcase the skills used and developed in these roles.

Avoid Putting Childcare and Domestic Activities on the Resume
We won’t deny the importance of being a stay-at-home parent, but you just sound silly if you try to pass yourself off as a “Domestic Engineer” or as the CEO of your family. Most recruiters juggle raising their family with their job, and are perturbed by the idea that one would consider domestic work to be their full-time career. You need to focus on voluntary work and any part-time work. You should also be honest about having several children, children with special needs, or any other kinds of responsibilities that were keeping you out of the workforce. An example of something that would be appropriate is saying you spent time raising your children, but are keen to go back to a career now that they have started school.

Focus on Transferable Skills Developed While Not In Work
A transferable skill is one you can carry between jobs. There’s a good chance that many of them were developed over the time you spent with your children. Perhaps you headed up a committee or were on the board of a non-profit. These positions require skills in managing people and planning. If you became an advocate for a child with special needs, then you likely developed skills in negotiation and research. If you oversaw a renovation project then you’ve built up skills in project management. If you were in charge of your child’s school fair, then you’ll have mastered communications, managing events, recruiting volunteers, and raising funds. Any skill developed while performing domestic activities should be listed in a skill section kept separate from your other jobs. Highlight them to the top of the resume.

Create Work Skills From Domestic Skills
How you turn the domestic skills you have into the skills the company needs is up to you. Tailor the resume to the job being applied for, and use it to showcase how you are the perfect fit for that particular job. Many recruiters will scan resumes using computer software. That’s why you must include the keywords contained in the description of the job.

Put a Heavy Focus on Maturity and Experience
A recruiter is going to be interested in technical skills. That is why you should ensure you have the right skills before applying for jobs. Employers will also value any soft skills. This includes communication skills, the ability to drive change and motivate people, as well as problem solving, decision making, and project management skills. Parents who stay at home hone these skills as they interact with children, doctors, teachers, and their fellow parents. That will mean you actually have an edge on other candidates who aren’t as mature as you. They might have some great technical skills, but you have the edge in terms of life experience. These skills in particular should be highlighted on the resume.

It can be intimidating to return to the working world for sure, but there’s no real reason for this. By creating the ultimate resume that focuses on your skills developed from staying at home, you’re adequately equipped to get your career back on track.

2 thoughts on “How to Write a Resume After Being a Stay-At-Home Mom

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    Lisa says:

    Great advice. Depending on the job, I can see a lot of parallels that can be drawn from same experience, particularly in the area of project management. Another skill I would add is managing a budget and/or finding creative budgetary solutions. I keep track of all our family’s finances in a spreadsheet I designed myself, and I know that will come in handy one day with the future jobs I would like to have.

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